Subject-verb agreement is an essential concept of grammar that helps make sentences clear and understandable. As a professional, I have seen the crucial role that proper subject-verb agreement plays in creating content that ranks well in search engines. This article will discuss the rules of subject-verb agreement for grade 7 students to help them improve their writing skills.

1. Singular Subjects and Verbs

The rule states that a singular subject should have a singular verb, and a plural subject should have a plural verb. For example:

– The dog barks. (singular subject “dog,” singular verb “barks”)

– The girls jump. (plural subject “girls,” plural verb “jump”)

It`s important to keep this rule in mind to avoid confusion and awkward phrasing.

2. Compound Subjects and Verbs

When two or more subjects are connected by “and,” they become a compound subject. In this case, the verb should be plural. For example:

– John and Mary play tennis. (plural subject “John and Mary,” plural verb “play”)

3. Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns such as “everyone,” “anyone,” and “someone” are singular, so they should have a singular verb. For example:

– Everyone is excited for the party. (singular subject “everyone,” singular verb “is”)

4. Collective Nouns

Collective nouns refer to a group of individuals but are treated as a single entity. The verb should agree with the collective noun`s formality; if it is more formal, use a singular verb; if it is less formal, use a plural verb. For example:

– The team is practicing for the game. (singular verb, more formal)

– The team are all wearing their jerseys. (plural verb, less formal)

5. Identifying the Subject

It`s essential to identify the subject correctly to ensure proper subject-verb agreement. If the subject is a noun, it will be clear to identify. However, if the subject is a pronoun, it can be confusing, especially in complex sentences. For example:

– The girl who won the race is my friend. (singular subject “girl,” singular verb “is”)

– Those who won the race are my friends. (plural subject “those,” plural verb “are”)

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is a vital concept to ensure clear and understandable sentences. Grade 7 students should familiarize themselves with these rules to improve their writing skills and produce content that ranks well on search engines. Remember to follow these rules for singular and plural subjects and verbs, compound subjects, indefinite pronouns, and collective nouns, and identify the subject correctly. Practice makes perfect, so don`t hesitate to apply these rules in your writing to master subject-verb agreement.